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Sisters, Linda and Jeanie, have been singing together since their early childhood. On one occasion, after church services, they were noisy long after lights out. When their mother came to their room to have a talk with them, she discovered that they had been singing in their sleep.

Jeanie started playing guitar in nurses training. Having no one to teach her, she bought a chart of chords and started teaching herself to play to accompany her singing. She was positively motivated by her failures at a Texas college. Linda and Jeanie had put together a "little act" in an attempt to try out for a USO tour in the college chorus they were in. When not chosen, they were even more determined to sing to the troops - and VietNam was their desired destination.

It was at that point that they knew they needed a third singer (Trish) to add that special harmony. Jeanie and Linda moved home to West Virginia to begin their upward path to the goal...USO TOUR. The first thing a female trio must do to meet their goal is SHOP!!!!! They went shopping for new guitars and began career orientation (learning to play). Linda and Trish got look alike six string guitars and Jeanie got a Fender Villager 12 string guitar.

Jeanie was always the creative one and started writing songs..... She tells of how she wrote "Liberty's Bell," the high energy patriotic number that the group sang in all their shows overseas. Actually, still today, she doesn't tell...she never answered the phone!!! The story is one that has been sworn to secrecy.

Her FAVORITE group is Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Recently, Linda and Jeanie were privileged to sit in the front row, middle seats, at the CSNY Nashville concert. Jeanie's only disappointment was that the concert had to come to an end. She just loves to climb into their music and enjoy the journey (all without the convenience of drugs). "Music is an expression of love." If she's not singing, she's hugging trees. It has been said that "Jeanie lives in a world where people spend big money to get to." It's not a bad world to live in, ya know?

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