Liberty's Bell was performed in every show that The Hilltop Singers did for their USO tours in Vietnam and once again rings true in our troubled times. Written by Jeanie and recorded by Linda*&*Jeanie, the song is now available for all Americans to sing!!

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Liberty's Bell rings loud and strong,
Calling young and old to join the throng,
Pack up your hopes come and join the crowd,
You've got a land to stand up for, a land to be proud.

Liberty's Bell rings for you and for me,
It rings for all the people who want to be free,
Over oceans wide and mountains so high
Through the hate of war while your children die.
Let their lives not be wasted, nor their cause be forgot,
For the sound of freedom is the cause we have fought.


Let the trumpeters sound through the bells of their horns.
Of Liberty's Bell, though scarred and quite worn.
Yes, scarred by the hate of those who are blind,
Who still fail to see a love for mankind.
And worn as she may be by the years of misuse,
She rings louder and stronger in hopes of a truce.


We must fight for our bell with dignity and pride.
To make this a land where no rights be denied.
A land strong and united where all colors blend,
Where the spirit of hope will be found without end.
Through songs and prayers we make our hearts swell,
With the pride we hold for our Liberty's Bell.


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