Letters and E-mails

E-mail received on December 20, 2005:
Great to hear from you and my best wishes for you and your family and loved ones during this holiday season. Keep in touch and let us know your activities and what you are doing in the future? You girls sure won our hearts and still do....... Mike

E-mail received on May 17, 2005:
Here is an absolute voice from your past, not that you guys ever had a past. Listen closely and you can hear the melodious voice of the" Southern Comfort" Gentleman singing --the old hometown looks the same as I step down from the train.... what, you don't recognize the tune? Well, maybe it sounded a little different 35 years ago in the trailer at WVU (GO MOUNTAINEERS) where we watched the first man on the moon! With Butch Nafe no less.

I have meant to contact you folks for years but you know the best laid plans of mice and men.... The promo picture of you three is still on my bookshelf as is the article from the Alumni magazine and still it takes an act of congress to wish you a fond hello. So hello!

I still have my old Gibson and play almost every day. Probably the same songs we did way back then because I haven't learned much since then. I still have a hand written copy of one of the songs you wrote. (Could it be worth $$$$$$)

I truly miss the wonderful times we had back in the old days but then again I miss a lot of things I did in the old days.

Drop me a line, if you will, to bring me up to date. Be good to one another and God Bless.

Hugs and Kisses,
Tom Cummings

E-mail received on October 26, 2004:
Hi, I just dropped into the site, Love your music. Listen to it as the intro for Donn Dade..Dick McCorrison, HHC 84th EBC, Da Nang

E-mail received on September 9, 2004:
Dear Linda and Jeanie, I brought up your web site this evening. And what a surprise to see the three of us together at the CHS all class 2004 reunion. The photo, of course, begs one to peruse your web site. I was very much taken by your activities with our veterans. I, as well as many many others, have a great appreciation for our wonderful fighting men and women.THANK YOU Linda and Jeanie for your steadfast loyalty to our veterans. What a wonderful web site you have...thank you for letting me be a part of it. bob wehner.

E-mail received on August 26, 2004:
I second that Linda...remember you and the other gals from a different time and place...we all loved you and we love you today...have looked at your website and it brings back many memories...as I am back off vacation etc and playing catch up at work, will post more to you later...but for the time being, just throw your gear in MY BUNKER and enjoy...(leave the ham and limas to me)...Mike Dahlkamp, CW04 USMC (RET)

E-mail received on August 10, 2004:
very good write up on the computer. god bless you. charles j. pennington, vietnam veteran-1968

E-mail received on July 21, 2004:
Linda, Thank you for your response and I am honored to get an e-mail from one of the HILLTOP SINGERS. Your music meant alot to us guys and and helped in cheering us up on those days when we were kinda in a funk. Great music and you all were lovely ladies and you won our hearts! Many of us guys had a big crush on you ladies, were you aware of that? I wish you all Good Health, Good times, and Good Music.......Mike Decky, Vietnam 68-69, Alpha 1/5

E-mail received on April 24, 2004:
Hi, Linda & Jeanie, We are just back from Houston, TX where Leslie and I attended the WorldFest Film Festival to see "In The Shadow Of The Blade" win top honors! We missed seeing you guys in person but saw you in the film. We caught your show on the Vietnam Engineers web site. Thanks for the cute dancer! Your friends, ~ Sarge & Leslie ~

E-mail received on March 26, 2004:
I just met with some of the guys I was in combat with in Vietnam and all the memories are very fresh (that goes for the nightmares too). Thank you for being responsible and humane. Peace, Jay Reese, C 3/7 199th light infantry brigade, Dec. 1966 to Dec. 1967

E-mail received on January 15, 2004:
Hey Ya'll !!!!!!!! Was just looking at your web site and it brings back soooooooo many memories. I have told ya before that you two made that week so very special and I will never forget ya! I mean I don't give my visa card to just any ladies!!!!! Love ya, Hugs..........Skip

E-mail received on January 3, 2004:
Hey, You two patriots! Have you read the latest bumper sticker which states, "If you can read this bumper sticker, thank a teacher. If it is written in English, thank a soldier (airman, sailor, marine, etc.). Happy New Year. Gil Ferrey, 4th of July Independence Day Parade boss for the VHPA in Washington DC.

E-mail received on December 24, 2003:
To all of our Vietnam veterans and families, our best wishes for a joyful holiday season. Thank you for being in our lives. Cheryl, Patrick and the ITSOTB/Arrowhead crew

E-mail received on December 22, 2003:

E-mail received on December 22, 2003:
Linda, We're so glad you enjoyed the "Vietnam Blues" and hope your Nam sisters do too. It was a pleasure meeting you and Jeanie and experiencing your music live. It was a real honor for Sarge to perform on the same stage as the "Hilltop Singers," and we hope you'll stay in touch. Wishing you and yours safe and happy holidays and a very blessed New Year. Leslie Nan & Sarge Lintecum

E-mail received on December 19, 2003:
Happy Holidays from Robin and Larry at The Parlor Studio and Best Built Songs. Hope you all have a happy new year in 2004! xxx ooo's. Robin and Larry

E-mail received on December 13, 2003:
Howdy friends, Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you all health and happiness for the New Year. Peace and love. Brent & Uschi

E-mail received on October 31, 2003:
Looking forward to your music. Thank you for what you have done for us. Peace, Ernie Dogwolf Lovato

E-mail received on May 15, 2003:
Hi Linda and Jeanie, I am so proud of you both. Keep up the good work for our troops and keep us proud from Ol' Chester High. Love you both. God Bless You. Bonnie Graham Matheny

E-mail received on April 17, 2003:
Wonderful! You gals are still tops on my list as the greatest vocal group around! Love ya all! MARVIN CAMP

E-mail received on April 14, 2003:
Well, glad to see your info on the 145th CAB website. I was the 145th CAB Signal Officer and Avionics Maintenance officer 1970-71 in Bien Hoa RVN. Don't remember much because there was more to do then one person could do. We were in the process of closing down for our return to the states. I had snipers trying to put my lights out after dark, and the grueling 12+ hours of "crap" to clear up 10+ years of "stuff" was not a lot of fun. Anyway, anything like what you provided was much appreciated!

In early 1970 (6 months or so) I was the Commander of the 811th Sig Det operating out of Vinh Long. We provided maintenance to a Squadron (5-companies) of aircraft owned by the 7th Sq of the 1 St CAV. YEP! We all wore the famous black hats with gold or silver trim and flew the hell out of those UH1's, AH1's, and of course the scouts OH6's. Patching and repairing------they just had to see how many medals we could earn in those days. We were all foolish and very young. I look at my photographs from there and wonder if I was ever that young!

The visits from entertainers, few and far between down on the island in the middle of the swamps, were very much appreciated. The Australian's, French, American and what ever else came our way sure did help us to keep going!

Thanks again and hello to all the other guys who had the courage to "do the damn job regardless".

I was CWO-2 in those days; now CWO3 (USA) Ret. CARL MARKLE

E-mail received on March 10, 2003:
Thanks for serving our country, Carp.

E-mail received on March 6, 2003:
Dear Linda: Thanks again for the personal CD. I look forward to listening to that with my family. I appreciate your commitment and sacrifice to our soldiers in the years past. You certainly have honored them by sharing your talent in this way. I hope that your toe continues to do well. Please tell Jeanie thanks as well. Sincerely, Jeffrey L. Herring, M.D., Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance

E-mail received on March 1, 2003:
Cool. I love your web sight, and it just keeps getting better. LY ALICE

E-mail received on January 3, 2003:
Linda & Jeanie, Just wanted to say thanks for your visit to the Moving Wall while it was in Beaver, PA. I enjoyed your singing and you brought back alot of memories! Thanks Again and Best Wishes for the Future. Roy, Chapter 862, Vietnam Veterans of America, Nam 1970, 1st Air Cav

E-mail received on December 27, 2002:
Anybody who plays twelve string gets my vote!!! Thanks for keeping me on your list. I'm very proud of the work you do. Eileen Joyner, Senior Sales Manager, Oasis CD Manufacturing

E-mail received on December 27, 2002:
I hope you are having a very merry Christmas season ....Rev. Bill

E-mail received on December 27, 2002:
Happy holidays! Gary Roush

E-mail received on December 27, 2002:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....from Danny, Tonya, and Tanner Link

E-mail received on December 27, 2002:
we wish you joy this holiday season, love, diane & red

E-mail received on December 27, 2002:
Thank you for your season's best wishes. I hope that you have a healthy and prosperous year. Let me know if I can be helpful. Karl Gehlmann

E-mail received on December 27, 2002:
Linda, I was the first military person to see you in Vietnam. I met you at the civilian side of the Tan Son Nhut Airport as you got off the plane for the first time in Vietnam. I am glad I invited you over. Brother Dave

E-mail received on December 27, 2002:
May the good Lords blessing shine on you both with love and happiness this coming year. Freddie & Lois

E-mail received on December 26, 2002:
My motto this year - "Life is a Gift - Enjoy the Present". Have a Wonderful Holiday - hope to see you! Love Phil and Carol

E-mail received on December 26, 2002:
Hope the year to come is wonderful for you and yours.......Steve

E-mail received on December 26, 2002:

E-mail received on December 26, 2002:

E-mail received on December 26, 2002:
Dear Friends, We wish you happiness and health on this Christmas and peace and love for the New Year. Happy trails, Brent & Uschi

E-mail received on December 26, 2002:
Hey Gang........not sure who will receive this, Linda or Jeanie but whoever does will ya please forward this to the other.....thanks ! I just wanted ya to know, they are still talking about the Week At The Wall!!!! And you two made that week and God I know I have thanked you both many times but sometimes words just dont seem like it is enough!!! I sometimes think you are both angels sent to us from above for that week,,,,,,,but then I slap myself..... smiles! But I will never, ever forget you two as long as I live, and I mean that! I hope you and yours had a very nice Christmas and the new year is good to you both. Take care.........Hugs, SKIP HASWELL, BEAVER VALLEY VVA #862

Card received:
Wishing you love, joy, and happiness now and throughout The New Year. We ask that God's light shine upon you and your family during this holiday season and 2003! Lori, Dana, Joseph and Don Siegelman 12/25/02. Governor Don Siegelman and the First Lady of Alabama request the pleasure of your company at The Lighting of the State Christmas Tree and Holiday Reception Monday, the ninth of December, Two thousand two from five until half past six o'clock State Capitol, 600 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama.

E-mail received on November 12, 2002:
I still remember with a fondness your singing and thank God for you giving us hope and love till the end of our tour of duty! Thanks again KISS KISS! --- Marvin Camp, E-5, Vietnam 70-71

E-mail received on November 2, 2002:
thank you so much for sharing...and thank you for being there now for the vets, and then.....you girls are SO special...love, diane

E-mail received on October 24, 2002:
Linda, Thanks for making our hangar party a wonderful experience. You and your sister were great!! Bob Carr, Punta Gorda

E-mail received on October 11, 2002:
Linda: This is wonderful! What a great time you must have had!! I'm so impressed.....parades, singing before thousands.....will you ever come back to Earth????? Soooo...what's the future hold? More gigs and parades???? Jane

E-mail received on October 10, 2002:
Dear Jeanie, Glad to hear from you and that you and your colleague continue to honor our lost Vietnam brothers & sisters. The P.O. is not the same, a big void is very difficult to fill. We think of you often. Phil Shannon

E-mail received on October 9, 2002:
A Hearty Thank You for your support! Thank You Darlings for supporting us, Vietnam Veterans! You make our sacrifices worthwhile!...Swashplate! Marvin Camp, E-5, Vietnam 70-71.

E-mail received on October 8, 2002:
I'm proud to be a friend of the Hilltop Singers! All the pictures bring back many Nam memories. God bless, Pat

E-mail received on October 7, 2002:
You two were great!! -- thanks for all of your efforts. Susan Elliott, Fort Pierce

E-mail received on October 5, 2002:
Hello from LA (lower Alabama), Hope yall are well and happy. Doing just great. Planning a trip to the Wall on Veteran's Day. This will be my 4th one. Probably the last one. Don't like to travel anymore. Great to hear from yall. Keep up the good work and may God continue to Bless you and keep you well and happy. Freddie & Lois.

E-mail received on October 5, 2002:
Linda....you go girl....I am so proud for you and your Sis.....how incredibly cool....Lisa

E-mail received on September 27, 2002:
I cannot tell you how much you two made this past week so very special...........everywhere I go, everyone I see...they tell me how great it was and you two were a big part of it. The POW/MIA night was the largest in the nation and you two were part of it. Thank you!!!!!!!! Skip Haswell, President, Beaver County Chapter 863, Vietnam Veterans of America

E-mail received on September 17, 2002:
Linda, I have listened to your CD, and enjoyed the sweet harmonies, fancy guitar picking and your overall performance. Fun. Thanks. Cheers, BW.

E-mail received on September 16, 2002:
Dear Linda & Jeannie, Congratulations on your success!! Wished I could hear you two perform sometime. Best wishes in all your future engagements and in your entertaining world. I know everyone is very proud of you and so am I. Your old CHS friend, Bonnie Matheny.

E-mail received on August 27, 2002:
Congratulations!! Mary Ann and I listened to your CD Sunday. We like it. It reminds of times gone by. Thank you. Peggy

E-mail received on August 6, 2002:
Linda..I got the CD and I love it!!!!!!!!! My problem is getting it away from my wife!!!!!!!!! I really love your music. Any song that has anything to do with Nam.........Skip

E-mail received on July 1, 2002:
Linda, Thank you very much. Thank you for the time you spent entertaining us guys in nam and thank you for your kind words. I do not remember the Hilltop Singers however I was in vietnam at the same time and did see two USO shows. I have bookmarked your page and will order your cd as soon as my budget allows. Again thank you for your kind words. Larry Stimeling

E-mail received on February 20, 2002:
I am listening to your CD as I am reading my mail, and I just wanted to say once again, THANK YOU, and I love listening to you. You have such a beautiful voice Linda, as does Jeanie. You compliment each other so well. Bravo to you both, and thank you for sharing with me. LY Alice

E-mail received on February 18, 2002:
We listened to it today. It's great! You just keep getting better! KEITH AND ARVIE, WASHINGTON DC

E-mail received on February 10, 2002:
Just got my hands and ears on your new CD and am absolutely in love with it. Great songs, great voices, great harmony. Can't stop listening to it. It's like having the two of you performing live in my own car and living room. Everyone should have one, it's just that good! Hope it goes well for the both of you and hope the new songs keep coming......................Can't wait for your next CD, so "Get Busy". Love, Sue Judge, Miami, Florida

E-mail received on February 9, 2002:
Thanks for the CD. Your singing is beautiful. I don't listen to radio so don't know whether you wrote the songs or not. Lessie in Dallas.

E-mail received on January 29, 2002:
Way to go. Sounds like things are clicking along for you guys. BARRY

E-mail received on January 27, 2002:
I found your web site and the information on ordering your CD. I will be ordering it within the next few days. Your web site looks great. We hope ya'll have had a great Christmas and the New Year is going better than last year. We will be looking forward to your next trip to Mobile, Alabama. Take care and thanks, Mike and Pat Lamberth

E-mail received on January 26, 2002:
Hay! I hope ya'll have had a great Christmas and the New Year is going well for you. We received messages from ya'll for a while and then they stopped. We do still want to get a CD. The last message from ya'll stated that they had not been delivered yet. Did they ever get them done? If so, how do we order one. Ya'll are really good, singing and otherwise and we would love to have one of your CD's. Ya'll take care and thanks. Mike Lamberth

E-mail received on January 5, 2002:
Hope you are having a great New Year!!! Love, Robin

E-mail received on January 5, 2002:
I LOVE your Christmas Greetings!!! That is so cool! JANE

E-mail received on January 5, 2002:

E-mail received on January 5, 2002:
Hi Ladies, still unable to display your home page. Hope all are well. Not sure whether the boys are going to be able to find someone to organize a 2nd reunion for 2002. Have been elected prez of Friends of Special Forces, and currently attempting to lay the groundwork for a major Memorial dedicated to Special Forces down here (Battleship Park) so am not going to have time to devote to the Reunion. Stay in touch, you two are the greatest............Gabe

E-mail received on January 5, 2002:
Hello Ladies, Trust ya'll had a wonderful Christmas season. Ours was great. We also hope ya'll have a great and successful New Year. I'm looking forward to a full year of retirement. We're still interested in a copy of your CD. Let us know. God Bless and thanks for keeping on line. Freddie, Lois and our GRANDDaughter Kayley Danielle

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